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Your home should be a reflection of who you are and how you want to live. We strive to work with you to make your home everything you want and more.

Bob & Dinah Kappus
Owners, Brockton Homes

We founded Brockton Homes in 1991 when there was a market for small single-family homes in Harford County. Through the years, our reputation for superior workmanship and attention to detail has led the way to larger homes and we evolved into the custom builder and remodeler that we are today.

Rob Kappus joined the business in 2015 and he shares the same values and ideals that make us a successful family business -- we believe in hard work and in treating people fairly. We have a passion for home building and remodeling and enjoy being able to provide our clients with a home that they can be proud of.

As local builders, we have a unique hands-on approach to homebuilding. We will work with you to achieve the best value and most efficient design for you and your family. When you work with Brockton Homes, you speak to the owners directly.

Our continuing customer service includes an exclusive two-year warranty, twice the industry standard, ensuring that every aspect of your home is to your satisfaction.

Bob sums it up best, "This is your house, but it's my house too. If you're in a Brockton Home, it's my reputation, I take pride in it just like you do."

Brockton Home

Brockton Homes will surpass your expectations with quality, workmanship, open communication, and guidance that will bring the home of your dreams to fruition.

Brockton Home

I would recommend Brockton Homes to anyone who wants to be a partner in the building process of their home.

Brockton Home

I want to thank Brockton Homes for a most rewarding and exciting experience associated with our purchases and for continuing to make excellence a habit.

Brockton Home

Brockton Homes delivers a quality home and provides excellent customer service during and after the completion of the home.

Brockton Home

As an industry professional, when it came to building my home, Brockton Homes was the obvious choice.

Brockton Home

We really appreciate all of the time you have spent working with us this past year on our new home.

Brockton Home

We will definitely let all of our friends know that Brockton is the way to go.

Brockton Home

Most of all, thank you for the wonderful journey of building this incredible home.


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